Technink has been providing professional computer, phone and tablet repairs to Charlotte and the surrounding areas for over 6 years at inexpensive prices. Services that include computer repair on Windows and Mac operating systems. Hardware diagnostics and repairs which include phone screens, laptop screens, DC Jacks and more.

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DC Jack Repair

If you're having difficulties charging your laptop and you have tried replacing the battery, you might be looking at another common issue with laptops - DC Jack failure. The DC Jack is the charging port for your laptop, and many times the inside of the laptop is so hot that it damages the charging port itself. For this repair you will be looking at a $50 labor charge plus the charge for the new DC jack hardware.

Game Console Diagnostics

All game consoles are extensively tested for both hardware and software failures. Our tests will pinpoint the exact problem your gaming machine is experiencing. The diagnostic only cost $20 and usually only takes 4-8 hours to complete.

Software Install

If you're having difficulties installing your newest software program, like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks or even a new video game, bring it into our shop and we can get that handled for you.

Apple iPhone Repair

If you need your iPhone worked on for various issues, we can get that fixed for you. Look below for all the repairs we offer. All of our repairs on mobile devices have a $50 labor fee plus the price of the part. Payment is charged up front, and parts must be ordered. Shipping takes between 3-5 days to arrive.
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Basic Reload

Out Basic Reload is quick, and simple.

Custom Computer Builds

It's no question that building a custom computer rig is the absolute best way to go for desktop machines. You are welcome to supply your own parts, or if you'd like, we can recommend the build ourselves, and the labor will only cost $75.