If you have any art work you think is great and would like to profit off of, submit it here! We will sell your design on our website, etsy, and in our retail store and you will recieve a portion of the profits based off of what item it sells on!

File Size Recommendations :

When it comes to uploading your images we prefer high-resolution original files which make fantastic prints. And when we say big we're really referring to the number of pixels in a file.

The file size (in MB) is actually not the best indicator of whether a file is suitable for printing on Redbubble. In the example below, the image has is 3.04 MB (quite small) and a resolution of 3779x1974 (reasonably large).  A file that may look quite small is actually totally suitable for printing at large sizes, all because of those pixels.

Framed Prints and Stretched Canvas:

  • 2400×1600 pixels (4 megapixels) for the small print
  • 3240×2160 pixels (7 megapixels) for the medium print
  • 3840×2560 pixels (10 megapixels) for the large print

Metal Prints:

  • Extra Small - 2400x2400 pixels
  • Small - 3200x3200 pixels
  • Medium - 3600x3600 pixels
  • Large - 3840x3840 pixels
  • Extra Large - 4800x4800 pixels


  • 2500×3500 pixels for the smallest print
  • 3500×5000 pixels for the medium print
  • 5000×7100 pixels for the large print


  • 2400×3200 pixels will cover the printable area, although you can resize larger images to fit when uploading. The file must be a PNG for transparencies to be saved. 


  • 2700x1624 pixels for tall mug
  • 2700 x 1120 pixels for standard mug
  • 2376x2024 pixels for travel mug

Other Important notes

  • Please do not manually increase the pixel dimensions of your image. We use the number of pixels in an image to determine which sizes are appropriate – if you change the pixel dimensions you will trick our quality control software – but the products will come out looking blocky and horribly pixelated. 
  • Images above 300 MB, or 13500x13500 pixels, cannot be accepted on the site due to the unreasonable load they place on our servers. 
  • Preferred Resolution is between 150-300 DPI.
  • We accept the following formats : JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI and PSD. 
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