We offer a wide range of software services for all types of computers. We can do simple configurations to your computer with our PC Tune up service, or we can install that Office program you've been needing for school. Whatever the software issue, we've got the software solution. 

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Software Install

If you're having difficulties installing your newest software program, like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks or even a new video game, bring it into our shop and we can get that handled for you.

Data Retrieval

If your internal or external hard drive has failed and you are having issues getting your data recovered, give us a call. We can manually restore your data to another hard disk drive.

Data Transfer

If you just want to be cautious and get a back up of your files, we can get that covered for you. For only a fee of $20 and a little bit of time we can transfer any of your files from your current device to a new device.